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Anupamaa: Makers of Rupali -Gaurav Khanna to extend separation track?

Anupamaa is being widely on social media ever since there is a hint of a separation track of MaAn. On the show, we are seeing that Anupamaa  is too busy with the Shah household. Her son Toshu is paralysed and she is there to look after him. Vanrajis happy to have his wife back home, as everything is functioning like a well-oiled machine. The bickering too has reduced. But in the middle of this, her relationship with Anuj is suffering. Anuj is busy caring for Chotti Anu, their adopted daughter. While the drama is okay, people want MaAn to be together at the soonest

A source told us, “There is no surety till how long this track will go on. But it is highly unlikely that will continue for a long time. Makers do not have long-term plans for such kind of things. If fans do not like this, it will end soon.” Also, we will see the entry of Maya’s boyfriend in the coming days.

Anupamaa will be seen fighting for the marital bliss of Anuj and her. Of late, we have seen that Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin and Anupamaa have had narrow margins between them

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